Website Designing

It takes 10 seconds to make an impression!

Does your website have what it takes to attract and retain that new customer?

From Brand consultation to Website Design/Shop to Digital Marketing to Analytical solutions, we at Intelligraph provide you the best and latest solutions and keep your business growing at every stage of Online life-cycle.

So whether you operate a small business, local shop or a large corporation, together we’ll design the best digital solution and strategy that sets your Brand and it’s values apart.

A website defines Brand and vital tools for advertising and marketing for all businesses. We use Market-based and Custom Analytical solutions to ensure that our goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.  

What we do

Bespoke Web Design

Specially made for a particular person, organisation or purpose to give you a competitive edge.

Content Management System

Once created, a website can be easily managed with minimum training due to the intuitive interface & powerful capabilities.

Website Security

Security is of top priority and we use a host of solutions to keep you secure from various threats. 

Website Hosting

We offer a fast, reliable, secure environment to ensure you stay Online for your customers.

Website Monitoring

Updates are the most important aspect for security. We manage all important updates to improve security & provide best SLA.

Multilingual Websites

Communication is key while working Internationally. It takes lot more than simple Google Translate to create the same experience.

Hacked Website Repair

Prevention is better than cure. But if you have already fallen to the hackers, we can clean and help with repairing & re-building brand.

Booking System

Bring your bookings Online. Reach to your customers by allowing them to book easily and increase visibility at search engine level.


Not all information needs to be Online. We create an environment that can be shared in a controlled, secure & safe way internally.

Here's how we do it


Just like navigation systems, we create site maps that allows to plot user journeys. Every website takes an journey from the content you provide us to wire-frames to detailed iteration until we end up with clickable prototypes.

Front end development

We craft from the bottom up and build using what works as a platform. We have an eye on what’s next, future-proofing your site by including the capability to embrace emerging technologies. 

Responsive Design

Websites today are not just viewed by desktop machines, the growth of mobile and tablet devices being used from online browsing and shopping has increased year on year which means that your website needs to perform it’s function of generating leads and sales whilst being viewed by these devices.


A responsive website does just that by adjusting it’s layout based on the screen size of the viewing device being used. All of our websites are 100% responsive to ensure that the user experience of your visitors is maintained and the level of enquiries and sales your site generates increases.


Intuitive, secure and scalable

We build websites for scalability to support unexpected traffic. What this means, as your business grows, your site’s infrastructure needs will grow with it.

Support & Maintenance

We know that all websites require constant attention to maintain performance and enhance the user experience. It will change from time to time as business grows. 


That’s why our Team will always be here to support your site with technical insights for all major technologies.

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